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An Arts and Education Partnership: Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries [Culture and the Arts] and the Department of Education

In 1996 the Minister for Culture and the Arts funded a two-year pilot project, Schools Arts Visits Organisation (SAVO) to provide a service to assist teachers to introduce young people to live arts experiences. The project was launched in September that year by then Minister for the Arts, the Hon Peter Foss QC MLC. and the Minister for Education, the Hon Colin Barnett. SAVO was the first partnership between then known Department of Culture and the Arts (now known as the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries [DLGSC]) and the Department of Education (DoE).
Conceived in 1998 through SAVO as a one-year pilot project, ArtsEdge is a strategic alliance facilitating partnerships across and between the education, arts, and cultural sectors. Since 1999, the DLGSC (through Culture and the Arts) and the DoE have delivered the program in collaboration.
The Creative Connections MOU supports the vision and objectives of Creative Connections: An Arts in Education Partnership Framework, initially released in January 2005.
In 2008 an audit and review of the partnership framework was conducted in consultation with the arts and education sectors. This work, together with changes in national education policy, informed the development and release of Creative Connections: An Arts in Education Partnership Framework 2010 – 2014 in 2010.
Creative Connections reflects the best in national and state policy development and provides the framework to deliver the best value for the public. The partnership builds on the expertise, understanding and operational capacity of both departments in stimulating an education system that nurtures increased creativity, imagination, skills, and knowledge.
Both departments continue to consolidate their arts in education partnership with the current MOU (2012-2016) being extended for an additional 12 month period (expires 31 December 2017). During this period, new partnership and program opportunities will be investigated to enhance arts in education experiences for Western Australian public schools, students, teachers, and artists in the future.
Minister for Culture and The Arts
Minister for Education and Training

Overarching Policies

Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries - Culture and the Arts (WA)

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) through the Creative Connections Partnership Framework, its partnership with the Department of Education, is taking a leading role in the promotion of arts in education, recognising the three key principles of the National Education and the Arts Statement:
  • All children and young people should have a high-quality arts education in every phase of learning;
  • Creating partnerships strengthens community identity and local cultures; and
  • Connecting schools with the arts and cultural sector enriches learning outcomes.

It is focused on enriching the lives of all Western Australians by supporting the arts and cultural sectors to provide unique and transforming experiences.


Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries: Culture and the Arts Strategic Plan

DLGSC's Culture and the Arts Strategic Plan emphasises public value including the ways in which our community supports, participates in and relates to arts and culture. The Plan articulates the Department's vision, purpose, and values, and outlines tangible objectives and practical delivery through its operations from 2015-2017.


Department of Education

All schools are required to comply with State legislation including the School Education Act 1999 (WA) and the School Education Regulations 2000 (WA). It is also mandatory that all government schools comply with Department of Education policies.
Other policies include:

It is important that artists and educators discuss key issues when developing or participating in arts in education projects or programs.

Visit the DoE Policy Portal here. Overview of the Department's initiatives can be found at Bigger Picture Education WA.
Artists preparing to work in a school environment should read our online resource Artists in Schools.
Information about the Federal Government's 'Students First' strategic plan can be found here.
For information about the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Education Council visit the Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood (SCSEEC).