About Us

 ArtsEdge is a strategic arts in education partnership between the Department of Local Government, Spor​t and Cultural Industries​  (DLGSC - Culture and the Arts [WA]) and the Department of Education (DoE).
Conceived as a one-year pilot project in 1998 through the School Arts Visiting Organisation (SAVO) and delivered in partnership since 1999, ArtsEdge is a strategic alliance facilitating partnerships across and between the arts and culture and education sectors. 
Additionally, ArtsEdge is one of the key delivery mechanisms of Creative Connections:  An Arts in Education Partnership Framework.
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Program Principles 

Five principles guide our activities and undertakings:
  • ArtsEdge fosters the value of the arts in enhancing learning in school communities, particularly in relation to participation and engagement across the curriculum.
  • We encourage the participation of all students in high quality educational and artistic activities.
  • We recognise and advocate for the wide-ranging educational benefits of participating and engaging in dynamic learning experiences.
  • We champion the personal and social benefits a variety of arts experiences brings to the lives of participants.
  • We consider it fundamental that the arts and culture and education sectors have the opportunity to engage in professional learning programs which enrich knowledge, increase confidence and fuel enthusiasm to undertake further arts experiences.
  • ArtsEdge values the contributions successful partnerships between the arts and education sectors make in enhancing the learning experiences of students.
  • We are committed to developing and strengthening quality partnerships in and between the arts and culture and education sectors.
  • We strive to promote and showcase the achievements and outcomes of partnerships involving school communities.
  • We are committed to developing, providing and promoting products through print and online services.
  • We consider it essential that professional learning programs are accessible to all interested parties across Western Australia.
  • We appreciate the importance of arts and cultural experiences being affordable for individual schools in a range of settings.
  • We support making the best use of available community resources including venues, facilities, and expertise.
  • We believe in the value of collaborative approaches to marketing.
  • We aim to facilitate sustainable partnerships to further arts education development.

Key Services

Facilitating Partnerships; professional learning; promotion and resources.

ArtsEdge facilitates relationships between the arts and education sectors and creates opportunities through partnership to encourage, develop, and celebrate learning environments which spark creativity amongst students and their school communities.

By providing assistance with partnership development and creating relevant arts in education resources, we recognise and promote the value of arts and culture across the curriculum.

The ArtsEdge website provides the latest news on events, professional learning, research, curriculum links and artist-in-residence case studies. This online arts in education resource assists artists and educators to deliver innovative and creative arts education experiences. 

We continue to work alongside the arts and culture and education sectors in resource development.