Buzz Dance Theatre

STREAM 2 - 2010 

The Project

With a strong history of providing quality services in schools, in particular secondary dance programs, Buzz Dance Theatre used their AIR grant to deepen their engagement with students and teachers in four secondary schools, all located approximately 15 kilometres north of the Perth CBD: Balcatta Senior High School, Balga Senior High School, Greenwood Senior High School and Wanneroo Senior High School.

Balcatta Senior High School is a multicultural learning community with 46 different ethnic groups reflected in the student population in 2010 and a strong reputation in the Arts. The school has operated a Gifted and Talented Visual Arts program since the 1970s and since 2009 has also offered Specialist Programs in Dance and Multimedia Graphics. Balcatta's AIR Project Coordinator, Ms Alison Martin, chose her Year 9 specialist dance class to participate in the AIR project.

Balga Senior High School is a unique program-based school, specialising in literacy, numeracy, vocational training and lifelong learning for students at educational risk. The class chosen to participate in the AIR project was the Year 10 elective dance class. Boys, all relatively recent arrivals from various African countries, formed the majority of the class. The few girls in the class were of African and Maori backgrounds.

Greenwood Senior High School [now known as Greenwood College] offers elite courses in Music, Japanese, French and Dance, as well as specialist programs in Aviation and Volleyball. Dance Teacher and AIR Project Coordinator Ms Kelly Fitt selected one of her Year 10 elective dance classes to participate in the project.

Wanneroo Senior High School [now known as Wanneroo Secondary College] provides two accredited specialist programs, Performing Arts and Australian Rules Football, as well as an Academic Extension Program. Prior to the commencement of the AIR project in 2010, the school had undergone a significant building program featuring a Performing Arts Centre which includes a new music recording studio, dance studio and large refurbished theatre. AIR Project Coordinator Ms Kelli Thompson selected incoming Year 10 students who had not experienced the school's specialist arts program specifically for the AIR project.

The core aim of the Buzz Dance Theatre AIR project was to engage young people, schools, teachers and their communities, as creators and participants. Lasting seven and a half months, the project incorporated performing arts, multimedia, technology, literacy and numeracy as students authored their own stories, translated their stories into dance and theatre forms, filmed, edited and produced their own short dance theatre film scores.

The project consisted of five phases and a program of professional learning for teachers which supported the first four phases. Dance artists Deborah Robertson and Rachael Hare, and theatre artists Thomas Papathanassiou worked with the students from the four secondary schools, once a week at each school on Phases 1, 2 and 3 with media artist Danielle Micich joining the Buzz team for Phases 4 and 5.

Phase 1: Introduction to Form

Phase 2: Dance and theatre workshops

Phase 3: Story development and student-driven projects

Phase 4: Filming, editing and producing

Phase 5: Final production elements and presentation

For more information about the Buzz Dance Theatre AIR project download the 2009-2010 Case Study Publication here or individual project chapter.

AIR Project Coordinator and Specialist Artist:
Deborah Robertson
C/o-West Australian Ballet

Specialist Artists:

Rachel Bott (nee Hare)

Thomas Papathanassiou

Danielle Micich

Buzz Dance Theatre

Balcatta, Balga, Greenwood and Wanneroo Senior High Schools


 Buzz Dance Theatre: Collage by Danielle Micich

Buzz Dance Theatre

Artistic Director: Cadi McCarthy
General Manager: Pippa Davis
Theatre Specialist: Thomas Papathanassiou
Audio Visual Specialist: Danielle Micich
Dance Tutor/Project Coordinator: Deborah Robertson
Administrator/Education Officer: Mary Wolfla
Thanks to: Emily Pearce and Sarah Hodgson
NB. Buzz Dance Theatre merged with STEPS Youth Dance Theatre in 2015 to become Co3.


Balcatta Senior High School

Mystery Moon Detention
​What Dreams Are Made Of ​Temperature Drop

Principal: Anna Kristancic  Dance Teacher Coordinator: Alison Martin  Dance Teacher: Danielle Grills

Participating students:
Daniella Androvich, Kathlene Co, Angeth Deng, Claudia Finocchiaro, Keana Williams, Hayley Mann, Tiana Shaw, Jacinta Wade, Neneh Conteh
Tenika Nicotra, Miriam Davids, Aline Ngoga, Ljubica Vucic, Kristy Williams, Angie Gottlieb, Raychle O’Callaghan, Olivia Hayman.


Balga Senior High School

Better Together Future Dreams
​I Will

Principal: Geoff Harris  Deputy Principal: Melissa Gillett  Chaplain: Alison Dee  Dance Teacher: Cynthia Johnson  SNSEP Support Teacher: Nelle Hokianga

Participating students: Michael Gama, Rose Ilaiu, Safa Mangok, Beh Wantee, Shedrach Duwana, Befford Saydee, Michael Bangura, Moses Njik Kalau, Natarra Croft, Eunice Bugabwenda, Joe (Prince) Doegolia, Boas Mtwale, Lawrence Shuruma, Deborah Foa’i.



Greenwood Senior HIgh School

Balancing Love Connections Lost
​Identity ​Stranger Danger
Principal: Joanne Harris  Dance Teacher: Kelly Fitt
Participating students:
Kelsie Anastasiu, Erin Blair, Caitlyn Careolo, Angelina Dzuteski, Sarah Eccles, Jenny Ellis, Hayley Ernst, Hannah Hobbs, Lucy Hoddinott
Zoey McCormick, Caitlyn McKie, Jessica Monteleone, Emily Moody, Beth Partridge, Laura Porter, Gemma Ronzitti, Meg Rudman, Jasmin Schoers
Lauren Sharman, Tori Usmar, Tiffany West, Maddison Whiltshire, Mikayla Miles, Sarah Pleasant, Kirsten Tiplady.


Wanneroo Senior High School

Lonely Eyes Family Portrait
​Sobrakjana (Crash) ​Faded Memories


Principal: Pauline White  Dance Teacher: Kellie Thompson  Assistant: Morgan Dunk

Participating students:
Klimentina Bakreska, Jaimel Barrett, Samantha Beckett, Caila Cohen, Stephanie Dougherty, Liam Dudley, Loic Gintzburger, Tammy Hedges, Emily Honicke, Tianna Lockton, Choloe Madamadiotis, Brittney Mallette, Tegan McMinigal, Kathryn McRae, Terri Oldfield, Tanysha Pengelly, Nicola Riches
Vinna Syeciana Rizal, Maddison Roberts, Demi Tapp, Jessica Toth, Michelle Vabalevicus, Megan Weymouth.


Film Music Credits

All music is used under the terms of the AMCOS/ARIA agreement.
Arrival by Wicked Beat Sound System; A Wedding Interruption by Tan Dun and Yo-Yo Ma; Cartharsis by Antony Partos; C Major Prelude From the Well Tempered Clavier by Darron Flagg; Chesh by Black Dog; Childhood by Yann Tiersen; Dawn by The Cinematic Orchestra; Down Slow by Moby
Disco Science by Mirwais; Didn’t I Furious by Pivot; Galaxy Bounce by The Chemical Brothers; Goodbye by Kevin Shields; Help None But Hurts None by Pivot; I May Be Gone For Some Time by Pivot; Index by Bone Head; In the Deep Shade by The Frames; In The Blood by Pivot; Impulse by Rhibosome; Iynweythek Ylow by Aphex Twin; La valse d’Amelie by Yann Tiersen; …Meets his Maker by DJ Shadow; On The Subway by Brian Reitzell and Roger J. Manning Jr.; Optus 17 by Dustin O’Halloran; Out Wide by Bone Head; Porcelain by Moby; Ray One From Creative Force by John Zeretzke
Shibuya by Brian Reitzell; Shiny Metal Rods by Aphex Twin and Roger J. Manning Jr.; Summer Overture by Clint Mansell; Kronos Quartet; The Piper Cherokee by Bobby Hughes Experience; The Curse of Ka’Zar by Lemon Jelly; Truck Attack by Pale 3; The Decent Session by Yann Tiersen; Tones by Nova Nova; War by Leftfield; Watching Lara by Yann Tiersen; Your Love Means Everything by Fault Line.


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