Churchlands Primary School

​STREAM 1 - 2012

The Project

The Churchlands Primary School AIR project was to create a short film exploring the cultural diversity of the school community through the use of innovative photography and animation technique. 'The Churchlands Changeling' film incorporated student art works, an original script and music score.

Conducted over eleven weeks in 2012, the project was fully integrated into the school program. Lead artist Paula Hart facilitated a range of visual art activities to produce the many props, puppets and sets used in the film. Sohan Ariel Hayes worked with students to take the hundreds of photographic shots and sequences, and Monica Main facilitated the development of the storyline and dialogue.

The Churchlands AIR project achieved strong cross-curricular links in the Arts, Society and Environment, Technology and Enterprise, and Mathematics. In non-art classes, teachers used cultural themes as springboards for research, persuasive and narrative writing, and to introduce elements of the Australian Curriculum: History.

The project activities provided students with a rigorous learning experience involving creative, open-ended, problem solving to develop new skills and a new appreciation of cultural values.

To read more about the Churchlands Primary School AIR Project, download the 2011-2012 case study publication, Something in the AIR or the individual project chapter.

View the teaching and learning resource and AiR advocacy video here. This video is also available through the Department of Education's YouTube channel.

Principal at time of AiR Project delivery: Mrs Tracey Oakes
School Tel: (08) 9383 9022
School profile available at

AIR Project Coordinator: Mrs Melinda Cockerill


Paula Hart
Mobile: 0410 419 373

Sohan Ariel Hayes
Mobile: 0407 3077

Monica Main
Mobile: 0409 376 526

Paula Hart 's other AiR projects: Bayswater Primary School, East Maddington Primary School (cluster), Harmony Primary School, and Hollywood Primary School

Churchlands Primary School and artists Paula Hart, Sohan Ariel Hayes and Monica Main