Hollywood Primary School

STREAM 1-2014

The Project

Hollywood Primary School considered the AiR Grants Program the perfect vehicle through which to expand its Arts program. The project would enable the school to experience an in-depth artists’ residency which would use multimedia and technology to enhance teaching and learning, and also address Literacy, Numeracy and interpersonal, self-management and the social/emotional aspects of both the Western Australian and Australian curricula.

All students, Pre-Primary to Year 7, worked with professional visual artist Paula Hart and dance specialist Stefan Karlsson; supported by audiovisual artist Roly Skender.  Students worked with the artists to learn a variety of stop-go animation techniques and use various applications specifically made for use on iPads.

“Black pen drawings are a great way to introduce stop-go animation. In their first session with Paula Hart, all students in the school worked in groups and within 15 minutes had put together 200 or more frames of increasing lines to make their first mini-movie.” Acquittal (Movie introduction copy: ‘B&W Stories’)

Students and teachers were expertly guided through a series of workshops designed to release their creativity, and to build the capacity of teachers to be able to embed the arts and technology into everyday classroom practice.

The AiR project was also an opportunity for the Principal, doubling as AiR project coordinator, to take a hands-on role in the development of arts teaching and learning in the school.

“… I love the entire process, from the student and staff learning, the energy and enthusiasm that is generated in the air as projects progress, to wonderment of the finished products and the joy gained for life by the participants as they look back at their art work, films, creations… I love the intended and spin-off learning that occurs.” Mrs Beverley Innes, Principal (Acquittal)

At the beginning of the AiR project, the school estimated that only 20 per cent of students could “…demonstrate elements of art, principles of design, visual art forms and visual arts in context through the purposeful process of producing their own art works,” (Acquittal). In addition, only 30 per cent of students had participated in a Dance program, and only 10 per cent had any awareness of Media Arts forms, styles and processes.

By the end of the project the school reported remarkable increases in learning by students; 80 per cent were now aware of the creative process and arts practice through making and responding; 90 per cent of students became more aware of Dance forms, styles, choreography and performance; and, 70 per cent improved their knowledge in Media codes, conventions, forms, styles and processes.

“Student knowledge across the whole school on how to create an iMotion movie increased from zero to hero in every case. Student confidence with basic iPad usage increased [and their] self-confidence and feeling of control over their own learning – the production of an end product – increased across the whole school, every class, every age, every gender… The dance and movement translated onto the big screen astonished and thrilled the students.” Acquittal

“After learning some basic principles of movement in their introductory classes, the Year 5, 6 and 7 students were given free rein to create any sort of stop-go animation they liked. There was a tenuous link to the colour as the base of each move, but on the whole students were encouraged to just go for it. Individual guidance was given to create various effects that would work in their movie and students were asked to reflect on their work to develop the animation as best they could. A great open ended exercise in creativity.” Acquittal (Movie introduction: ‘Stories’)

The project culminated with a special film screening and exhibition of student art work on Tuesday 9 December 2014.

“Parents were blown away by the clever movies their children made!  The quality of the art works demonstrated deep engagement with the purpose for the art. The fact that their children had translated 2D art works into motion with confidence and assurance astonished many. The dance and movement translated onto the big screen amazed the parents and family members. Parents were welcomed into lessons and many came if they could to see what the buzz was all about.  How groovy is that!!  I joined lots of parent chats that bubbled with delight at this project.” Acquittal

“Parent, staff and student lives are positively altered forever as a result of participation in AiR projects – because the AiR project makes something possible that would otherwise not be.” Mrs Beverly Innes, Principal (Acquittal)

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Hollywood Primary School
Principal: Mrs Beverly Innes
Tel: (08) 9386 2343
School profile available at http://www.det.wa.edu.au/schoolsonline/home.do

AiR Project Coordinator: Mrs Beverley Innes


Paula Hart
Tel: 0410 419 373
Email: paulala@iinet.net.au
Web: https://www.facebook.com/Paula-Hart-1749558938598257/

Stefan Karlsson
Tel: 0408 925 869
Email: stefan.karlsson25@gmail.com

Roly Skender
Tel: 0403 330 913
Email: mail@frankensound.com.au
Web: www.frankensound.com.au

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