Karratha Senior High School

STREAM 1 - 2010


The Project

The Karratha Senior High School's successful AIR project application proposed the development of three site-specific contemporary dance works inspired by the landscape and the people of the Pilbara region which would be performed at the local Spinifex Festival. The proposal included students from Karratha Senior High School as well as six primary and one District High School in the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the Principal and Project Coordinator at the school who had been involved in the development of the application left before the project commenced. The two original artists, Rachel Ogle and Sete Tele, remained to work with a revised concept with the new Principal and Project Coordinator.
The revised AIR project was delivered to specially created 'engagement classes' of students from Years 8-10: a Year 8/9 girls class, a Year 10 girls class and a Year 8-10 boys class. The program was integrated into the high school timetable during the artists' visits.
While 126 participated in the dance workshops, the culmination of the project saw 60 students perform at a local community event. Due to lack of funding the proposed Spinifex Festival had been cancelled, so students performed at the annual Lions Club of Karratha/Dampier FeNaC1NG Festival (an acronym for Fe-Iron, NaC1-salt and NG-natural gas, the festival is named after the regions' major resources).

For more information about the Karratha Senior High School (Cluster) AIR project download the 2009-2010 Case Study Publication here or individual project chapter.

Principal at the time of AiR project delivery: Mr Greg Kelly
School Tel: (08) 9185 2155
School profile available at http://www.det.wa.edu.au/schoolsonline/home.do

AIR Project Coordinator: Ms Melanie Battilana


​Rachel Ogle
Email: rachelarianne@hotmail.com

Sete Tele
Web: www.setetele.com

Karratha Senior High School (Cluster) and artists Rachel Ogle and Sete Tele ​