La Grange Remote Community School

STREAM 1 - 2010


The Project

Art is an important cultural practice in the Bidyadanga community. The traditional owners, the Karajarri people, are coastal dwellers and water-based activities form part of their everyday life. It was this cultural practice that informed the development of La Grange Remote Community School's AIR project.

Over a period of ten weeks and under the guidance of ceramic artist Wayne Jeffery, students and community members participated in the design and construction of large sculptural pieces inspired by the local sea life. Building on the basic clay skills the students had already developed from the artist's previous visit, the AIR project involved students in visual inquiry and ceramics studio practice. In addition to producing small glazed tiles for the sculptures students drew sea animals, told stories about them and sculpted them in clay.

For more information about the La Grange Remote Community School's AIR project download the 2009-2010 Case Study Publication here or individual project chapter.

Principal at the time of AiR project delivery:
Mr David Hurle
School Tel: (08) 9192 4953
School profile available at

AIR Project Coordinator: Ms Lauren Tribolet 
Artist: Wayne Jeffery

La Grange Remote Community School and artist Wayne Jeffery