Melville Primary School

STREAM 1 - 2011

The Project

Melville Primary School wanted to extend its arts program by providing specialised instruction in the school. Implementing an AIR project was to be the first in a series of projects that would be developed in partnership with students, the community, pre-service teachers and artists.
Holding part-time positions at both, Melville Primary School and Murdoch University, Ms Jane Nolan established herself as the key link between the primary and tertiary education partners.  Ms Cheryl Guelfi was the school’s AIR Project Coordinator and, together they became the driving forces behind the AIR project.
The school employed Louise Snook, award-winning textile and community project artist to work with them to deliver the Songlines of the Old School AIR project. Using the concept of Indigenous Songlines and focusing on the school’s history, the project used the paths across the land to shape and inspire the creation of a large quantity of textile-based art works. Ultimately these works would be accompanied by storytelling, drama, dance and song culminating in a Songlines Festival. 
The Songlines AIR project bridged the past, present and future of the Melville Primary School. Learning activities encouraged students to track the demolition of the old school, its relocation to the new site and the transformation of the old school grounds into what became the Kadidjiny Park.
Over the course of 20 weeks, art classes were developed and delivered to increase the artistic skills of students and teachers, through engagement in visual inquiry, studio practice, exhibition and reflection.  Every class at the school, all teaching staff and nine Murdoch University pre-service teachers participated in this project.
To read more about the Melville Primary School AIR Project, download the 2010-2011 Case Study publication, Something in the AIR or the individual project chapter

Principal: Mrs Betty McNeill
School Tel: (08) 9330 2255
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AIR Project Coordinators: Mrs Jane Nolan and Mrs Cheryl Guelfi

Artist: Louise Snook

Melville Primary School and artist Louise Snook