North Fremantle Primary

STREAM 1 - 2011

The Project

A survey conducted in 2012 by the North Fremantle Primary School Council identified the Arts as an area that parents wanted to see developed in the school.
New Principal, Mrs Fiona Kelly, encouraged art teacher Mrs Margie Campbell to apply for AIR Grants Program funding. Internationally renowned multimedia artist and local Fremantle resident, Sandy McKendrick, was invited to participate.  Sandy’s strong interest in the environment provided the catalyst for Splash! an exploration of land and sea elements in a variety of artistic forms.
The Splash! project gave students, staff and parents the opportunity to explore the diversity of the river fauna from an environmental and socio-cultural perspective.  The school community, guided by Sandy, learnt how to interpret these observations artistically through puppetry, dance, drama and audio-visual techniques.
The project culminated in a final performance held near the sports ground on the banks of the Swan River. An estimated 300 friends, family, guests and local community members attended.
The project achieved its goal to raise the status of the Arts within the school and its community. Participants agreed that the study of the arts is an essential aspect of a well-rounded learning program.
To read more about the North Fremantle Primary School AIR Project, download the 2010-2011 Case Study publication, Something in the AIR or the individual project chapter. 

Principal at the time of AiR project delivery: Ms Fiona Kelly
School Tel: (08) 9335 2743
School profile available at

AIR Project Coordinator: Mrs Margie Campbell 

Artist: Sandy McKendrick

North Fremantle Primary School and artist Sandy McKendrick

This video is an 8 minute edited version of the 21 minute 'Splash!' original supplied by North Fremantle Primary School as part of their acquittal report. All necessary approvals for the documentation of this event and use of music was obtained by the school and artists.