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STREAM 2 - 2011

The Project


Southern Edge Arts (SEA) is situated in Albany and is recognised as one of Western Australia’s leading regional youth performing arts organisations. With more than 25 years’ experience in successful community engagement, SEA champions creativity and quality in arts practice in young people as a means of social development. The organisation hosts regular weekly workshops in theatre, dance and circus for young people aged 5 to 25 years and has an active schools program.

With extensive knowledge of the local area, previous experience working on smaller environmental art projects and inspired by a similar project, Gondwana Youth Arts Project, Nikki Green approached SEA in 2010 to discuss a potential collaboration. Together with then SEA Artistic Director Simon Clark, Nikki developed the SEA Gondwana AIR Project application.

In order to assist in the delivery of the AIR Grant Program’s second successfully funded STREAM 2 project, SEA engaged four specialist artists: Cecile Williams, Peter Keelan, Leon Ewing and Sete Tele. These artists worked with 127 students from, Mount Barker Community College, North Albany Senior High School, Denmark High School, Denmark Primary School, Cranbrook Primary School and Mount Lockyer Primary School on the Gondwana AIR Project. 

The project sought to introduce students to the concept and practice of ephemeral environmental art whilst delivering a multi-arts environmental awareness experience.

Before the project began Nikki Green and SEA Artistic Director Simon Clarke visited each school to brief students and staff about the project. Following this, half-day introductory workshops were conducted to give them a practical introduction to environmental art.

Each school residency started with a field trip to local bushland.  The cultural heritage and ecological biodiversity of the area was explained by local Indigenous custodians and environmentalists.  Students and teachers were encouraged to broaden the ways in which they viewed the natural environment.

After the field trips the specialist artists conducted introductory sessions addressing their area of speciality. This was followed by one intensive week in each of the six participating schools.

The final week of the SEA Gondwana AIR Project was held at Nowanup Bush Camp, an isolated former farm north-east of Albany.

To read more about the Southern Edge Arts AIR Project, download the 2010-2011 Case Study publication, Something in the AIR or the individual project chapter.

Company: Southern Edge Arts
77 Sanford Road, Albany WA 6331
PO Box 1367, Albany WA 6331
Tel: (08) 9841 6001

AIR Project Coordinator: Ms Nikki Green

Specialist artists:
Cecile Williams /
Peter Keelan /
Leon Ewing /
Sete Tele / or

School AIR Project Coordinators at the time of project delivery:
Mount Barker Community College: Ms Deborah Cheeseman
North Albany Senior High School: Ms Helen Parry
Denmark High School: Ms Deb Edmondson
Denmark Primary School: Mr Peter Campbell
Cranbrook Primary School: Ms Carly Le Cerf
Mount Lockyer Primary School: Ms Barbara Jeremic

Read about Leon Ewing's other AiR project at Warburton Ranges Campus, Ngaanyatjarra Lands School and Sete Tele's project at Karratha Senior High School in 2010.

Southern Edge Arts

Mount Barker Community College, Mount Lockyer Primary, Cranbrook Primary, Denmark Primary, Denmark High School and North Albany Senior High School