Tom Price Senior High School and Primary School cluster

STREAM 1 - 2012

The Project

The Tom Price Senior High School AIR project was the first collaborative multi-school art initiative in the region. Partnering with Tom Price Primary, North Tom Price Primary and Paraburdoo Primary Schools, artist Matthew McVeigh devised a project which would address the learning areas of English, Society and Environment, Technology and Enterprise and The Arts.

Titled ‘Contemporary Art in the Pilbara’ and using ‘cultural stores’ as a theme, the project reflected and celebrated the intersection between an ancient Indigenous culture and the modern mining industry.

Primary school students produced an impressive range of art works using a variety of media; Secondary students were mentored by Matt and created a number of conceptually sophisticated installations exploring culture and identity.

Collaboration between Tom Price Senior High School, the Gumala Aboriginal Corporation which represents the local Indigenous groups in the region, the Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre, and the artist also enhanced the quality of the AIR project.

To read more about the Tom Price Senior High School AIR Project, download the 2011-2012 case study publication, Something in the AIR or the individual project chapter.

Principal: Mr Trevor Henderson
School tel: (08) 9143 8100

AIR Project Coordinator: Mrs Robyn Wade

Artist: Matthew McVeigh
Mobile: 0431 326 218

Tom Price Senior High School and Primary School cluster and artist Matthew McVeigh.






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