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Value Based Language: what it is and how to use it in promoting your arts in education program to schools

On 5 November 2013 the former Department of Culture (DCA) and the Arts Young People and the Arts team in partnership with ArtsEdge hosted a free seminar for arts educators, young and emerging artists, and arts workers on using value based language when communicating with education and arts audiences.
Based on the philosophy behind the phrase, “plan the work then work the plan,” this seminar was presented by John Paul Fischbach from Auspicious Arts Incubator in Melbourne.

DCA and ArtsEdge have packaged highlights form this seminar into short video segments which can be viewed separately or together. During the videos, John Paul refers to a workbook and the slide presentation, both of which are available to download on this web page.

The Value Based Language seminar also has a separate links document you can download that refers to additional information and resources on the topics covered in the videos.
For further information about general marketing of the arts and video segments from John Paul Fischbach’s Arts Business Development seminar visit the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries - Culture and the Arts Resources web page (click on Webinars).
In terms of general marketing practices, we also encourage you to have a look at Amplifier, an online resource created by the team at Propel Youth Arts WA, especially of interest to those artists establishing their arts business career.

Video 1: Introduction (8 min: 51 sec)
Video 2: Cause and effect (3 min: 22 sec)
Video 3: The Alchemy of Value Based Language (11 min: 10 sec)
Video 4: Emotional capital (12 min: 2 sec)
Video 5: How do we use Value Based Language? (10 min: 56 sec)
Video 6: First Followers (6 min: 21 sec)
Video 7: Have a communications plan (11 min: 37 sec)
Video 8: Conclusion - A Value Based Plan (7 min: 43 sec)
Video 9: Questions and Answers (12 min: 52 sec)


* Please note where indicated, some video segments may contain language and themes not suitable for people under the age of 18 years. The views and opinions expressed in these videos are those of John Paul Fischbach and not necessarily those of the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries or ArtsEdge. The Department and ArtsEdge encourage viewers of these resources to also seek up-to-date advice and information from peak bodies and suitably qualified professionals in areas such as arts law (e.g. copyright), taxation and accounting.