Creating resources

Providing background information on you and your arts in education activity, identifying links to the curriculum and providing ideas for creative lesson plans value add to the experiences of students K-12 and/or pre-service teachers.
With the implementation of the Western Australian Curriculum: The Arts (from 2018), artists and arts and cultural organisations have the opportunity to assist pre-service, graduate and experienced teachers in their delivery of one or all of the five arts subjects i.e. dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts, and across the curriculum to potentially include Literacy and Numeracy. In addition, the arts can provide the perfect platform from which to explore the cross-curriculum priority areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures; Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia; and, Sustainability.
For those teachers who have not been exposed to, nor been engaged in, in-depth arts experiences before, individual professional artists and arts and cultural organisations can assist them to develop and/or inspire creative arts pedagogy. Artists and arts and cultural organisations can help these teachers to break down their 'fear of the unknown'.
Here are a few ideas to assist you when creating your own resources for teachers.
Further reading
When creating education kits, consider how to project the intellectual property rights and copyright of you, your organisation and/or specialist artists. Read our information on Intellectual Property and Copyright for artists and organisations here.
Open Education Resources Toolkit - The National Copyright Unit in association with the Australian Government Open Access and Licensing Framework resource for teachers, curriculum and eLearning developers. 
What do schools have to think about when using third party material in and out of the classroom? Find out at Smartcopying: the Official Guide to Copyright Issues for Australian Schools and TAFE.
Organisations and individuals in Western Australia are now required to provide a copy of all publicly distributed materials to the State Library of WA. To read more about Legal Deposit requirements visit the State Library of Western Australia.