Planning and approval in schools

  • Schools have to agree on the fee structure and any additional cost to parents – this goes to school council the year before for approval.
  • Primary schools have on average three incursions and five excursions per year.
  • Secondary schools average about six to seven excursions per year across all year groups.
  • Paper work for excursions require collection of permission for medical forms evacuation plans, working with children clearances etc. All this needs to be taken into consideration and this is a time consuming additional administration task for schools. Incursions are preferred
    for this reason.
  • School management notification/approval process requires at least one month.
  • Consider your ticket prices: Group deals are good, as are free teachers’ tickets with every 10 student tickets purchased.
  • Professional learning for teachers gives the arts experience sustainability and longevity in the school. Try to factor a teacher workshop or preview into your event planning.
  • Teacher Registration Board (formerly WACOT) requirement for teacher Professional Learning target workshops to this audience.
  • Contact professional teacher associations such as the Art Ed Association (Visual Arts) or DramaWest (performing arts), to
    identify interests.
  • Read up on senior secondary courses of study in Vocational Education and Training’s (VET) industry specific information, particularly workshops for teachers and students.
  • Incursion information is vital. Teaching points in education kits are invaluable before the event. As soon as there is a booking send the teacher any support material.
  • Show caution with corporate sponsorship and advertising in schools. This needs to fit within school policies and education
    department guidelines.
  • Provide quality arts experiences: Schools are looking for the best fit into their school plan and arts experiences must have a curriculum focus. They are not looking just to attend the cheapest or free event.
  • Currently there are many building programs happening in many public primary schools across the state including new fit outs for specialist teaching spaces such as music and visual arts. Identify these on the Department of Education website and approach these schools with your product.