• ​The best time to get your information out to schools/teachers in Western Australia is Term 3 i.e. July/August/September/October (the earlier in this term the better) for events scheduled the following year.
  • Remember to advertise the start and finish time of a performance. This assists schools with their excursion management plans.
  • What is the best time for show? Matinees and twilight shows are popular.
  • Teachers must graduate with and maintain a high standard of pedagogy that meets the teaching standards as outlined by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL). Familiarise yourself with what these standards are and apply the information to your program, education kit and promotional material e.g. This professional learning event addresses AITSL Standard 6. Read about developing professional learning opportunities for teachers here.
  • Consider getting together with like-minded artists or groups to create your own bulletin and send this through to a targeted school.
  • Why not collaborate as a group of practitioners and show a presentation at a school?
  • Ensure your website or social media site is up-to-date; make contact with professional teachers associations online.
  • Submit your information about professional learning, events on demand or specific events to ArtsEdge for inclusion on our website
    What’s On pages. Content submission templates are available.
  • Send your information to for distribution via our e-news or email network. In addition we can update website listings and/or distribute additional information on your event throughout the year.