Working in the school context

This information is intended to be a reference and resource tool that artists and arts and cultural organisations can work through in order to develop their practice working in the school context.
Artists in schools programs offer new and exciting ways of teaching and learning. Students, teachers and artists can grow through these creative partnerships and develop new skills and understandings. The innovative aspects of many programs also have potential to draw together different learning areas of the curriculum and link the classroom with the professional arts world and wider community.
While the information given here aligns with public school policies and procedures, it will also be relevant to those working in private schools.

Working with Children Check

If you are an artist interested in working in schools, the first thing to do is get a Western Australian Working with Children Check (WWCC).
A WWCC is required by volunteers, employed and self-employed people in ‘child related work’.
Child related work includes duties that involve or are likely to involve contact with a child under the age of 18 in connection with work as a self-employed artist or arts and cultural organisation in a school. Contact is defined as any form of physical, oral or electronic communication.
The WWCC and the Working with Children Act 2004 are available from
Working with Children Screening Unit
Tel: (08) 6217 8100
Toll free (within WA only): 1800 883 979