Artists in Schools

Artists in schools programs enable students and teachers to interact and learn from the professional arts community.
Schools have the option of organising incursions, in which the artist visits the school, or excursions, in which students and staff visit the artists outside of school grounds. There are advantages to both options.


An artist-in-residence allows an artist to carry out creative work at a school over a period of time. The artist works closely with students and the classroom teacher, using their own work, ideas and skills as the catalysts for students’ own creative explorations.
Read AiR case studies; list of funding providers here.

Visiting Artists - Incursions

Artists can visit schools for a project lasting a few hours or a full day to present performances, demonstrations, workshops or master classes. These are more likely to be projects on a one-off basis than as a continuous program. While the connection that the artists can make with students in this time is limited, these events are less time-consuming to organise than a residency, and can be easier to accommodate within a busy school timetable.
Adequate project development and planning is still required; read more about working in the school context. 

Teaching Artists 

What is a teaching artist? Find out more here.

Home page image: Churchlands Primary School student artwork. AIR Grants Program project 2012, artists in residence Paula Hart, Sohan Ariel Hayes and Monica Main.