Performing Arts

In Asia dance, drama and music are inseparable. There is an abundance of performance traditions across the region, representing a multitude of rituals, religious beliefs and/or cultural life stories.
Traditional or contemporary Asian dance, drama and music, can provide students with an opportunity to increase their understanding of different cultures, and through participation, develop their own artistic representations about the world through live performance.
For teachers, taking a multi-art form approach may provide for cross-curricular learning e.g. English and/or History activities included in the study of traditional dance, drama and music.
To inspire your next classroom activity read about, contact or explore the following resources.
National organisations:
  • Ausdance [Australia]
  • Cultural Infusion – building cultural harmony and wellbeing – can provide workshops and performances for Western Australian schools
  • Suara Indonesia Dance Group – blends traditional and contemporary influences from their Indonesian heritage and Australian upbringing – tours nationally
  • CAAP (formerly Performance 4a): Asian-Australian Performance – information about cross-cultural performance; national artist directory and productions
Western Australian organisations:
Consider also contacting one of the many arts and cultural groups based in Western Australia.

What's On:

To find out about the arts education events linked to the arts subject Dance, Drama or Music visit our What’s On page here.

Mobile apps:

  • Musicadventures - Music of Central Java. Aimed a primary school-age children, a range of activities take readers on a journey through the music and culture of Indonesia. Led by musical group Makukuhan and brought to you by Musica Viva Australia. Teacher's Notes also available for download.
Further reading:
Contact teachers - the ArtsEdge professional teacher associations list, including contacts for Dance, Drama and Music groups can be found here.
Individual performing artists or arts and cultural organisations interested in developing programs for schools, visit Working in the School Context for tips about project planning, creating education resources and professional learning opportunities for teachers, and marketing to schools.
Invite an artist or organisation to be artists-in-residence in your school; check funding providers here.
Image: Students perform at St Mary's College, Broome. Dance tour project 2008. Photograph courtesy of St Mary's College.

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