Barbara Bynder-Karda Designs

A number of education programs are provided including:

1. Art Workshops: Barbara can design, research and develop art workshops in collaboration with your school or community group which are custom designed to suit your needs and requirements. She can design art workshops around the Aboriginal curriculum topics if desire.

2. CAT: Cultural awareness training for your staff.

3. Mentoring: Mentoring is available for Year 11 and 12 Aboriginal students. Barbara currently mentors young people both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal from the ICEA Foundation as well as young Aboriginal youth in visual arts and career direction.

4. Lectures: Lectures on a range of Aboriginal topics can be provided.

Name of people/language group: Ballardong Noongar following maternal lineage and Badimia Yamitji following paternal lineage.
Art subject areas/cultural expertise: Visual Arts, cross-curriculum, cultural awareness/competency. Barbara has a BA Social Science and Writing, HDR Preliminary Anthropology, Professional Certificate in Indigenous Research and is currently a Masters Candidate at The University of Western Australia via research in Anthropology.
Suitability: All student year groups.
Cost: $330 per hour; $600 for half a day, and $1,200 for a full day.
Can provide services in regional Western Australia: Yes.
Professional learning opportunities for teachers: Yes. Teachers can be provided with an 'In Conversation' style workshop of two hours that is interactive and discusses areas of concern for contemporary Aboriginal people who continue to struggle with mainstream structures and processes. Barbara can also assist non-Aboriginal teachers in understanding their Aboriginal colleagues and provide condensed 'In Conversations' with school Principals and Deputy Principals and Heads of Schools should they request this.
Caters for children with disabilities: No.
Education resources provided: No. Barbara's website however has a list of services as well as a gallery of projects that she has undertaken over the past few years.
Contact for bookings: Barbara Bynder
Tel: +61 (040) 0230 539