In Profile-Indigenous Arts, Cultural and Language Centres

Yamaji Art (Geraldton, Western Australia)

Provides schools with the opportunity to learn about the night sky and dreamtime stories relating to Ilgarijiri (Things Belonging to the Sky), basket weaving workshops and cultural awareness sessions.

Name of people/language group: Seven+ groups call the Yamaji region home.
Art subject areas/cultural awareness expertise: Visual Arts, cultural awareness/competency, Traditional Knowledge owner.
Suitability: Kindergarten to Year 12 students.
Cost: Base rate for facilitator is $250 but costs can be negotiated depending on individual school requirements.
Can provide services in regional Western Australia: Yes
Professional learning opportunities for teachers: Cross-Cultural awareness training with Charmaine Green.
Caters for children with disabilities: No
Education resources provided: No
Contact for bookings: Charmaine Green
Tel: +61 (08) 9921 1155


Wardan Aboriginal Cultural Centre (Yallingup, Western Australia)

Provides schools with a unique insight and experience into Wardandi culture including bush story trail, tool making workshops, spear and boomerang throwing, culture, history and heritage activities.

Name of people/language group: Wardandi people.
Art subject areas/cultural expertise: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts, cross-curriculum, cultural awareness/competency, Elder, Traditional Knowledge owner.
Suitability: Pre-primary to tertiary students.
Cost: $15 per student for PP-Year 12 school groups; 1 adult free for every 10 students booked.
Can provide services in regional Western Australia: Yes
Professional learning opportunities for teachers: Cultural awareness training.
Caters for children with disabilities: Yes
Educational resources provided: hard copy and online.
Contact for bookings: Wardan Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Tel: + 61 (08) 9756 6566