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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) digital artists, film makers and journalists have often struggled against misrepresentation, particularly in the digital form.
Contemporary ATSI media is about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders owning the means of production to portray their own experiences and represent themselves.
Ground breaking television series like Redfern Now and the Indigenous television and film supported through ScreenWest’s Indigenous Community Stories are examples of this ownership of authentic stories.
“Can films, videos and television re-educate people to be non-racist and eliminate racism?” (Page 35 – ‘Well I heard it on the Radio and I saw it on the Television,’ by Marcia Langton. Australian Film Commission 1993)
Use the information and links below to inform the development of school activities which are both relevant and respectful.

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The Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) have a wide variety of online study guides and resources containing ATSI content.

Artist-in-Residence case studies incorporating Aboriginal student engagement in Media Arts or ATSI arts or cultural content include Governor Stirling Senior High School, Southern Edge Arts and Quairading District High School.
Filmmakers, graphic designers, photographers, media artists, game/application developers etc. interested in developing programs for schools, visit Working in the School Context for tips about project planning, creating education resources and professional learning opportunities for teachers, and marketing to schools.
Invite an ATSI artist or organisation to be artists-in-residence in your school; check funding providers here.

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