Arts in Education Advocacy

ArtsEdge values the contributions successful partnerships between the arts and education sectors make in enhancing the learning experiences of school communities. 

As part of our core business, ArtsEdge aims to develop and strengthen the work of these partnerships and promote their achievements and outcomes.

There are many international, national and local organisations committed to developing and sustaining high quality arts education. Below are links to some of these organisations along with example advocacy tools to assist artists or educators to raise the profile and benefits of arts education in their own community.
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International advocacy groups:

Arts Education advocates in Australia:

Links to Professional teacher associations in the Arts in Australia and Western Australia can be found here.

Advocacy research and toolkits:
Valuable research to inform your arts education advocacy, including statistics on arts and cultural engagement by Western Australians, can be found on the Department of Culture and Arts Research Hub. For more arts education research visit the ArtsEdge resources page.

Advocacy videos (examples):

Additional reading and links: