Cross Curriculum Events on Demand

Events on Demand are those arts and cultural performances, programs, projects, workshops, forums, seminars, sessions or conferences that individual professional artists or arts and cultural organisations offer for educators and school communities at any time throughout the year.
Listed below are the Cross Curriculum Events on Demand offered by:
If you are interested in further information or booking an event, please contact the event provider.
For events offered on specific dates, please visit our Cross Curriculum Calendar of Events 


Creative Teams Consulting

Peace Makers - skills for mental and emotional resilience

Students will develop empathy and resilience in relation to situations of stress, conflict and difference through the use of key drama practices; improvisation, role-play, ensemble, contextual understanding and characterisation. They will grow an understanding of human responses in diverse situations, and learn to identify and use their inner strengths to create positive change.

The program proactively grows mental wellbeing by giving students the skills to understand conflict, grow stronger, more peaceful relationships in the classroom and change situations of conflict for the better. Activities draw on Augusto Boal’s pedagogy of student-centred learning and self-reflection.

James ‘Fish’ Gill has 16 years experience engaging students in experiential learning programs in schools throughout Western Australia, and eight years building mental and emotional resilience in individuals and organisations.

Curriculum links:
The program will assist teachers to address the following Western Australian Curriculum learning areas:
Health and Physical Education - build resilience, manage risk and develop satisfying, respectful relationships.
Drama - develop confidence, empathy and self-awareness, depict and celebrate human experience, take risks and extend creativity.
General Capabilities - Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, Ethical understanding, Intercultural understanding.

Cooperative improvised drama activities, individual and peer-learning, facilitated group discussion.
9 x 40min sessions, 32 students maximum.
Will tour regionally – format is adaptable for regional schools

Target audience/Year level: Primary and Secondary students Years 5-12
When: Available all year, contact Creative Teams Consulting
Where: At your school
Cost: $2,475 for a program of nine (9) workshops
Tel: James 'Fish' Gill 0400 726 227

Image: Peace Makers; stock image courtesy of Creative Teams Consulting.


Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC)

Kids learning program

Running throughout the school holidays, Fremantle Arts Centre's Kids Learning Program offers a diverse range of arts based activities, immersing kids in art in a fun, stimulating way. Classes for kids aged between 5 and 18 years include painting, sculpture, street art, music, printmaking, jewellery and animation.
Target audience/Year level: PP-Tertiary students
When: Available all year, contact FAC for details
Where: FAC, 1 Finnerty Street, Fremantle WA
Cost: Various - contact FAC for details
Tel: (08) 9432 9555


Matthew McVeigh 

Freelance professional artist

Matthew is a multi-disciplinary artist. He works as an event and theatre designer, community artist, sculptor and painter. Matt often uses ready-made objects and non-traditional art materials. His work combines the concerns and methods of Pop and Conceptual art as well as popular culture. His work is concerned with exploring contemporary values and obsessions and his interest in sociology.
Target audience/Year level: All levels
When: Available on request
Where: At your school
Cost: Varies depending on your requirements
Contact: 0431 326 218

Propel Youth Arts WA


ArtsCAMP is an exciting week-long creative experience for young people to explore and contribute to Perth’s arts community. Campers are exposed to a variety of art forms including dance, drawing, circus, film, photography, contemporary music and everything in between.
Target audience/Year level: Years 10-12
When: Contact Propel for details
Where: Perth metropolitan area
Cost: Contact Propel for details


State Library of Western Australia

Free student workshops, tours and exhibitions

Discover a world of stories, history, and information at the State Library of Western Australia. The Education Team creates and facilitates a range of workshops that support the Western Australian curriculum and promote information literacy skills.  Tours of the library and exhibitions are also available. Workshops, exhibitions and tours are all FREE OF CHARGE.

For further information or to make a booking: Complete a booking request form through “Services For - Teachers” on the State Library of WA website:  Download the 2017 Education brochure here.

Visits and Guided Workshops: Kindergarten – Year 2

Find it @ the Library tour
Become a detective and embark on a journey of discovery around the State Library. Explore the collections of newspapers, photographs, maps and much more! Seek out hidden clues around the Library using your own treasure map.
Curriculum Links: HASS (Geography & History)
Fun with Fairy Tales
A box of fairy tale props, a digital camera and a wealth of imagination is all that is needed to have Fun with Fairy Tales.  Explore narrative conventions to recreate classic stories. What will you create with your photos back in your own classroom?
Curriculum Links: English and Technology
Then and Now
What was life like in the past?
Discover the State Library’s pictorial collection. Find out why the State Library collects photographs and what stories they tell about the past. A fun, hands-on activity comparing children’s lives today and in the past.
Curriculum Links: HASS (History and Geography)

Visits and Guided Workshops: Year 3 – Year 6

Books and More: Perth Experiences
What do families do on a day out in Perth? Did children enjoy the same experiences around Perth that they do now?  Delve into a history box to explore the variety of resources the State Library collects, and what they tell about the past.
Curriculum Links: HASS
What’s the Big idea?
Unleash your creative superpowers as you explore themes through the dynamic art of picture books. Idealise your own super hero in this interactive workshop facilitated by the State Library education team.
Curriculum Links: The Arts, English
Digging Up the Past:
- Early Colonial workshop
- World War 1 workshop
How do authors research their narratives? Discover Western Australian historical narratives and do some ‘digital digging’ to find photographs and newspaper articles that authors have used to research past events.
Curriculum Links:  HASS and English
Sourcing the Swan River Colony
How can the information from a tombstone unlock the history of the State? This informative workshop includes collecting information from colonial era grave stones and practicing research skills to discover more about colonists’ lives. 
Curriculum Links:  HASS : History and Geography
Suitcases: Stories of Migration
Why have so many different groups of people migrated to Western Australia?  Open a suitcase and use the items inside to piece together a migration story, work together to plot a timeline of migration throughout Western Australian history.
Curriculum Links:  HASS

Visits and Guided Workshops: Year 7 – Year 12

Beyond Books tour
Tour the library and explore newspapers, maps, ephemera, e-resources and more. This hands-on tour highlights essential search tips.
Curriculum Links:  HASS and English
Note: Please speak to one of the Education Officers about how the tour can be tailored to suit curriculum requirements.
Research skills have become a necessary requirement for navigating the digital age.  This one hour workshop assists students in improving their search techniques and retrieving a reputable correct answer, faster.
Curriculum Links:  HASS and English
Note: Please speak to one of the Education Officers about how the Search workshop can be tailored to suit your individual curriculum requirements.

Professional learning 

The State Library offers a range of opportunities for professional learning throughout the year. The State Library can tailor a program to suit your school or organisation. 
The State Library hosts half-day and whole-day whole of school professional learning programs on request from schools. Schools seeking enrichment on integrating critical information literacy skills, planning excursions and Western Australian history are encouraged to contact the Education Team.
To keep up-to-date with what's happening with professional learning events, the Education Program and resources at the State Library please subscribe to the e-newsletter:
For further information or to make a booking, contact an education officer:
Tel: (08) 9427 3202  
Image 1: cover of the 2017 State Library of Western Australia (SLWA) Education Program; graphic designer Jane Chambers; photograph courtesy of SLWA.
Image 2: Typing instruction, 1967. Photograph by Stevenson, Kinder & Scott; courtesy of the SLWA.

REmida WA

Target audience/Year level: all students K-12
When: Available all year
Where: At your school
Cost: Contact REmida WA for details
Contact: Nadia Rasheed
Tel: (08) 9227 5576