Music Events on Demand

Events on Demand are those arts and cultural performances, programs, projects, workshops, forums, seminars, sessions or conferences that individual professional artists or arts and cultural organisations offer for educators and school communities at any time throughout the year.
Listed below are the Music Events on Demand offered by:

If you are interested in further information or booking an event, please contact the event provider.

For events offered on specific dates, please visit our Music Calendar of Events.



    African Drum and Dance Workshops

    Djibril Diagne

    Djibril Diagne was born in Dakar, Senegal (West Africa) into a well-known "Griot" family, where music and storytelling have been passed on for generations. Djibril was the eldest of 13 children, and began learning the language of the drum from his father at the tender age of six years old. Djibril studies various instruments, including djembe, sabra, tama, saourouba, bougarabou, and doundouns, and began performing with his father at local ceremonies and festivals from the age of seven. Aged fifteen, he joined the international "Unite African Ballet", touring internationally for many years as musical director, to both America and Europe. He later went on to perform with various other international ballets including "Ballet Sinomew", "Tam Tam D'afrique" and "Ballet Sangoumar", as well as famous Senegalese musicians such as Baba Maal, Germaine Acogony and Toubab Dialow. Djibril now resides in Perth, Western Australia with his son and is a highly respected member of the local drumming community. Djibril holds regular weekly classes for small groups in perth at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Students can bring their own instruments or use the instruments provided (djembe, doundoun and sabar). Individual tuition is also available.

    Target audience/Year level: K-Year 12
    When: Available all year during school hours
    Where: At your school
    Cost: Depends on your needs; negotiable
    Tel: Djibril Diagne 0411 021 966





    Crisis Mr.Swagger

    Edutainment Hip-Hop Workshops

    Edutainment is a combination of Education and Entertainment used to inform the masses. It has existed for many years. However, it has been introduced to the Australian market by Crisis Mr. Swagger, a multi award winning Hip-Hop artist.

    In 2002 the rapper was involved with The Voice of America’s Hip-Hop Connection in Washington, DC. Hip-Hop Connection was a youth empowering and educative program which in turn became known as ‘Edutainment’ due to the delivery style that was used. Taking the positive aspects of the Hip-Hop culture, Edutainment focuses on building confidence and giving people a different perspective on how they can approach various issues and situations.

    Elements of Hip-Hop:
    MCing – The Art of Rap or Public Speaking
    Djing – The Art of Playing Music to Entertain the Masses
    Graffiti Art - Writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface, often in a public place. It is used to document a time, attitude and artist mind frame behind it.
    B-Boy/Girl is the exercise and the human expression through dance or body movement to keep the body in
    proper health.

    Knowledge: The reasons why we are who we are where our roots come from, what is the beginning of Man and where are we today. How do we take the artistic expression of Hip Hop and find our purpose in LIFE! The above are the elements used to educate and entertain during the workshops.

    Segments will require participation from attendants as follows:

    MCing or Rapping can be used to convey a message or disseminate information as required. By the use of Rhythm and Poetry also known as RAP, the recipient will be able to communicate by this method of rhythm and poetry. The workshop gets each participant to come out of their shell and exude confidence. They are free to rap or use rhyming word combinations to deliver their message.

    Djing is an art of playing music to entertain. The aim here is to have a message in the song that is played. Edutainment gets the people to listen to the music and find the message in the song. It also meant to establish whether this song can be used to uplift or simply give a good happy vibe.

    Graffiti is here known as Urban Art. This practice allows artists to preserve their art and understand the importance of respecting other's in the community. In this case, we teach the use of Urban art as a legal form of expression.

    B-Boy – This involves the use of Dance as a form of expression. Hip-Hop Music demonstrates these elements strongly. You will see Aggressive Dance to express dislike. This does not mean that the kids will be taught to express violence. This simply means that, they will learn to protect themselves, show strength and avoid conflict by use of dance. They will also learn how to dance if they wish to express love or closeness to those that they love. This is a dance style that taps into the child’s heart to help them find the world’s most sought after commodity, ‘Love.’ This is especially important for those that have not understood or known how to express love.

    Target audience/Year level: Children and young people ages 5-25 years
    When: Available for bookings in the January 2016 school holidays; contact the artist for other available dates in 2016
    Where: At your school
    Duration: 2 hours
    Cost: $600 per workshop
    Tel: Chis Katongo 0412 872 747




    Musica Viva in Schools 

    Musician in the Classroom

    Does your school band need professional help? Or your orchestra, fine-tuning? Would you like someone to work with students to help write a school song, or even a musical? Musician in the Classroom is our artist-in-residence program, in which we send a professional musician or composer to work directly with students. This could be one-on-one coaching for a few music students, or in a classroom environment. Whatever your requirements, we've got the right professional to match! 

    The musician can:

    • Work with individual classes
    • Work with students with particular or special needs
    • Develop or enhance existing instrumental, classroom or vocal programs
    • Mentor teachers in music education
    • Introduce materials to support the Live Performance Plus program
    • Teach particular repertoire to students
    The composer can:
    • Compose a school or class song
    • Create classroom compositions and engage in improvisations
    • Create musical stories which can lead to productions e.g. musicals, films, plays, jubilee celebrations
    • Develop creativity and composition skills through interactive activities and games
    • Mentor teachers in composition and arranging skills
    • Develop skills in using music technology
    • Workshop senior students composition tasks
    Available musicians/composers
    Musician Neville Talbot

    Neville Talbot is a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and educator. He specialises in instrumental and ensemble pedagogy, teaching in an interactive and engaging style. He can devise workshops for students and teachers, as well as mentor bands including jazz, electronic, rock and heavy metal. Neville will elicit the best from every student he encounters.

    Composer Mark Cain
    Mark is an innovative and inspiring composer ideal for your classroom. His vast knowledge of instruments - including those of his own invention - will delight your students while unlocking their creative thought. A session with Mark leads to a greater ability to play, explore and compose music for wind ensembles, class ensembles or school concert performances. His energy and vivacity for music – and life - is contagious.

    Composer David Hyamns
    David is a highly accomplished West Australian composer/producer who plays a range of instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, bass, dobro and harmonica. He has performed in a wide range of musical styles and has composed for documentary and feature films, TV soundtracks and presented song-writing workshops to schools. Ideal for helping students with contemporary compositions, David has worked with youth groups and community organisations in a variety of locations including regional and remote Aboriginal communities across WA and central

    Target audience/Year level: Pre-Primary to Year 12
    When: Available on request during school hours (duration - contact Musica Viva to discuss)
    Where: At your school
    Cost: 1-3 days $700 per day; 4+ days $660 per day. Additional travel expenses apply for regional and remote schools.
    Tel: MVA WA on (08) 9284 2808

    See also professional learning opportunities for teachers associated with the Live Performance Plus program in the Music section of What's On.







    The Littlest Fox

    West Australian Tales

    Bring local history to life with music provided by local artists, The Littlest Fox. These educators and highly regarded performers will inspire your students with their unique representation of Western Australian history. During this interactive performance, The Littlest Fox will bring to life stories of our history through their enchanting harmonies and a bag full of instruments. Stories of shipwrecks, daring rescues and convicts are sure to spark the imagination. Students will be transported around Western Australia, learning about events that have shaped the state through traditional and original folk songs. Students will join in the chorus, learn old expressions and experience local history like never before.

    The performance is linked to the history and music bands in the National Curriculum for year 5 and 6 students. The performance is recommended for 2 – 5 classes of students. Booking cost includes one audio CD and information resource. Additional audio CDs can be purchased for a cost of $10 each.

    Book in an optional songwriting workshop and get up close and personal with The Littlest Fox. Suitable for only class per workshop, your students will have the opportunity to transform the history that they have learned in class into a song of their own. There is an additional cost for this workshop. Contact Dave Feenstra for more information.

    Target audience/Year level: Primary students Years 5 and 6
    When: Available on demand from 6 July to 1 December 2016
    Where: At your school (undercover area or theatre)
    Cost: $300
    Contact: Dave Feenstra, Bleeding Ear Music 0457 461 784

    Image: The Littlest Fox, West Australian Tales. Photography by Sally Newman; courtesy of The Littlest Fox and Bleeding Ear Music.



    WA Youth Jazz Orchestra

    Act-Belong-Commit WAYJO Education Program

    The Act-Belong-Commit WAYJO Education Program is an important component of WAYJO's annual program, and 2017 sees new and exciting changes ahead.

    WAYJO tailors its events to the needs of its audiences, from young children to secondary students and their teachers, and performances and workshops are designed to suit most educational requirements.

    WAYJO invites schools to engage with our musicians and leverage their talent and experience to create quality experiences that enrich classroom or private teaching.

    If you school is unable to participate, WAYJO has a number of events that students can attend with family to gain a better understanding of jazz performance.

    WAYJO's education resources are available online to further enrich the program of offerings. In 2017, if you or a family member are studying music, check out what WAYJO has to offer.
    Target audience/Year level: All year levels
    When: Available on demand
    Where: At your school
    Cost: Price available upon application; price will vary depending upon ensemble size, performance duration and inclusions such as workshops etc.
    Tel: (08) 9471 1950


    WA Youth Orchestras

    WA Youth Orchestras provides quality musical training and performance opportunities for young musicians through the delivery of eight ensembles across Perth and South West Western Australia, comprising close to 400 members. The WA Youth Orchestra is our flagship group, and presents three major concerts at the Perth Concert Hall each year in addition to free community performances and educational concerts for kids. Lower Primary students can attend our 'Babies Proms' concerts for kids where they are introduced to the instruments of the orchestra in a fun an interactive setting. Upper Primary and Secondary music students can get involved by attending WAYO Concerts, and instrumental students can also audition to join one of our ensembles.

    Target audience/Year level: All students
    When: Visit the website for details
    Where: Contact WAYO for more details
    Cost: Contact WAYO for more details
    Tel: Ben Burgess, Executive Director on (08) 9328 9859
    Post: Level 1, 82 Beaufort Street, Perth WA 6000

    West Australian Opera

    Smarter Than Smoking Opera in Schools 

    Opera is a unique art form that combines music, narrative, movement and design.  It is perfect for introducing and immersing students into the arts learning area and provides much opportunity for cross curricular activity including English, Society and the Environment, Technology and Enterprise and Languages Other Than English.

    West Australian Opera is your state opera company and are here to be part of your learning journey.  WAO continues to provide you and your students with quality arts experiences that will assist in the delivery of curriculum needs including, but not limited to response, viewing, introduction of musical concepts, participation and historical context of musical works.

    WAO have a wide variety of  programs for primary and secondary students – from workshops to performance and we love to travel! All of our in school performances are priced at only $5 per student (minimum fee $200).

    Target audience/Year level: Years PP - 12
    When/Where/Cost: We visit you or you can come and see us!
    Workshops and in school performances from $5.  Please refer to for education program details.

    Wesfarmers Arts Production Workshops

    West Australian Opera will give your students an all access pass to the mysterious world of backstage.  This is available on request during our main house seasons.  Your students will experience a full 2 hour, hands on workshop exploring the various elements that make up a production including lighting, flying and stage management.

    Target audience/Year level: Secondary students only
    When: Available on request during the mainhouse seasons
    Duration: 2 hours, available between 10am-5pm
    Where: His Majesty's Theatre, 825 Hay Street, Perth WA
    Cost: $20 per student or $5 per student if booked with a main house season

    Wesfarmers Arts Make-up Workshops

    One of our most popular workshops! Students of all ages will be completely engaged in this hands on workshop.  Students will learn basic make-up techniques from a professional make up artist in ageing, wounds and more.  This is available on request throughout the year and is sure to be a highlight in your school calendar.

    Target audience/Year Level: All students Years 4 to 12
    When: Available from February-December 2017
    Duration: 2 hours (starting at 10am)
    Where: West Australian Opera, 3rd Floor Studio, His Majesty's Theatre, 825 Hay Street, Perth WA
    Cost: $15 per student or $5 per student if booked with a main house season

    Booking/enquiries contact: Teresa Letizia, Education Manager
    Tel: 0417 902 592 

    Wesfarmers Arts Production and Make-up Workshops, West Australian Opera. Photographs by James Rogers; courtesy of West Australian Opera.